Why should I look at changing energy suppliers?

The obvious reason and one that motivates most people, you could save yourself a considerable amount of money by changing suppliers. Also, a lot of suppliers now include a range of additional features with their product offerings; this can not only make it more convenient for you to pay your bill (e.g. by PC banking), but also allowing you to earn loyalty points (eg, AirMiles, Retail Clubcard Points, etc.).

How much can I save by switching suppliers?

The amount you save depends on a number of factors:

  • The amount of competition in your area;
  • How aggressive the pricing policy of your existing supplier is;
  • How much energy you use;
  • How you pay your bill.


Will there be any interruption to my gas or electricity supply?

No. Your new supplier will use exactly the same wires, pipes and meters that you currently use. For your convenience, the new supplier will also contact your existing supplier to arrange for the transfer of your supply. The only thing that you will notice – your bills will come from your new supplier.

What about customer service?

We recommend that you check the description of the new supplier that we compile for you. These descriptions will contain information on the range of services offered by the new supplier. You can also obtain information on a suppliers level of customer service, such as call centre availability, by calling the supplier direct.


Choosing a New Supplier

What should I take into consideration when choosing a supplier?

There are multiple factors that you should consider in working out which product and supplier is right for you. These include prices, payment options, contract terms, and any other benefits and services on offer. Fortunately, this service has pulled together all this information in one easy to use website, in order to make this easier for you.


Changing Your Current Supplier

Do I need to contact my existing supplier if I want to switch supplier?

Your new supplier will arrange the transfer for you. You do not need to contact your previous supplier. Once you have signed up for a new supply contract, your new supplier will let your previous supplier know on what date the change is taking place. You should ensure that you pay your final bill promptly. If you pay by direct debit or standing order, please make sure you cancel these arrangements once the final bill has been paid.

Who reads my meter when I change supplier?

Your new supplier will either arrange for your meter reading to be taken, or they may ask you to take the reading yourself. Details of the final reading will be sent from your new supplier to your old one, so that your previous supplier can send you a final bill.

Please keep a note of your meter reading on the date that you transfer supplier. You will need this information if you do not agree with your final bill.

How do I read my electricity meter

How do I read my gas meter


What happens if I am in debt to my previous supplier before switching to my new supplier?

If you do not pay your final bill promptly, the new supplier may be asked to add the outstanding amount to your next bill. You may also incur additional charges for late payment.

Can my current supplier prevent me from switching to a new supplier?

As long as you are not in debt with your existing supplier, they cannot prevent you from switching.